We have 19.5 acres of property on CR 13 in Daphne (across from the Brennity Retirement Community). And it’s time to push harder than ever to put our Phase 1 building on the land. To do this, we are looking for partners to help us raise money towards this goal.

Our initial goal is $200,000 by December 31, 2016.

Help us reach our goal by:

  • Giving regularly to our Building Fund.
  • Pledge an amount to help us reach our goal.
  • Donate assets to Destiny Church such as property, etc that could be sold for funds.

It’s Time To Push Like Never Before

Our new building will help us do more ministry better.

A new facility will help us overcome challenges such as:

  • Issues that come with an aged, leased facility.
    While most people don’t know it, we continually have issues with the AC and electrical in our leased facility.
  • Parking issues
    We currently have to lease extra parking space.
  • Space issues
    We are currently out of space in our children’s ministry.
    We also do not have enough rooms to do multiple ministry throughout the week.
    We lack office space and training space.
    Our School of Kingdom Expansion will have room to grow.
  • Leasing
    We will no longer be leasing, but building equity in a facility on our own property.
  • Visibility Challenges
    Our current location is “hidden” in plain sight. Being on our property will give us high visibility to our community.